Inelia Garcia Advanced Contrology Program



Ingredients: Notopterygium root: Has pungent and warm properties, which can expel the exterior cold. It is traditionally used for early stage of epidemic disease; Atractylodes lancea: Has dehumidification properties, which expels the toxic “evil Qi/contagious qi.” Asarum sieboldii: Expels the wind and cold, alleviates the pain, warms the lung, transforms the retained fluid from lung, and dredges orifices. Euodia ruticarpa: Has been proven by modern research to have a strong antibacterial effect. Its pungent and bitter properties can help to open the orifices and purgation. Its warm properties can help to expel the coldness. Rhizoma Kaempferiae: Aids in dehumidification, regulates the energy, and alleviates the pain. Expels the toxic “evil Qi/contagious qi.” Radix bupleuri: Has pungent and neutral properties. Enters the Gall Bladder and Liver meridians. It has ascending and dispersing abilities. It disperses and expels the pathogenic cold from the Shao Yang level Nepeta: Expels the exterior wind and cold, regulates the energy and soothes the digested system. Rhubarb: purgation, increases the bowel movement, clears the toxic heat, invigorates the blood, and removes the blood stasis. Instructions: Please keep the smaller sachet to keep in a backpack or purse to carry with you at all times. Please keep the larger sachet in the home to expel the evil/contagious Qi from your home. From time to time, you may squeeze the sachet gently for a stronger scent.

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