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Authentic Pilates Method is a mind and body conditioning system. The complete system, how we teach it, is a total body reconstruction process that results in increased circulation, correct posture, balanced muscle strength, increased flexibility and mobility, and a united mind, body and spirit for the best functioning body we each can attain. Most chronic pains are associated with degeneration caused by poor posture and lack of circulation.

Correcting these issues takes an expert teacher and a focused student, but when the body is corrected, many issues simply disappear. By stimulating the brain and connecting the mind and body for natural balance of the psychosomatic relationship in the body, many neurological issues
can be alleviated. The complete system that we teach here at The Authentic Method Pilates is the system that works on the whole body every time you exercise.

Chronic Pain Relief
Increasing Will
Increasing Balance
Increasing Flexibility
Increased Muscle Endurance
Combating Localized Fat
Stress Control
Motor Coordination

Attention Deficit
Weight Loss
Joint Stability
Prenatal / Postnatal
Muscle Strengthening
Improving Posture
Improved Sleep
Edema Reduction