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Phoebe Higgins John Winters Wunda Chair Workshop

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About the Event

John Winters learned the Pilates Method from Joseph and Clara Pilates. He taught in the original Pilates Studio from the 1960’s-1980’s. He was also a classically trained musician and played the organ. John was a gifted and joyful Pilates Teacher! Phoebe Higgins was fortunate enough to study from him and learn this series on the Wundachair, which she wrote down because it was so fun!! Some of these exercises may feel new while others are familiar to most. As with most classical Pilates, this series warms the body to function optimally and then cools it down to continue on with one’s day. The genius of the Pilates Method and John Winters are evident throughout. This workshop is intended to be informative and fun. Just like John Winters!

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Phoebe Higgins

About the teacher

Phoebe Higgins attended ballet classes taught by Romana Kryzanowska in 1967 -68 and was reintroduced to Romana in 1976 at SUNY Purchase where she began studying the Pilates Method to help strengthen a spine weakened by scoliosis. In 1980 Phoebe went to work at the Pilates Studio under Romana’s guidance. When that studio closed in 1989 she began work with Dr. Howard Sichel in his chiropractic office. That work evolved into Power Pilates. In 1998 and 2005 respectfully, Phoebe was asked by the School of American Ballet and Ballet Academy East to organize a programs for their teenage professionally geared students. The success of these programs is evident in the infrequency of injuries and dancers’ continued strength. 2006, Phoebe left Power Pilates and became a freelancer for both individual sessions and workshops. Phoebe would like to see everyone taking sessions and making the world a better place through the freedom of the body.