Inelia Garcia Advanced Contrology Program

Athlete Training

training session with athlete


It is an exercises system that many athletes have added to their training programs that has made a big difference in their performance.

From Olympians to professional athletes, from ballet dancers to sports hobbyists, authentic Pilates improves overall performance for all ranges of athlete with its unique and comprehensive training system.

Here at Authentic Method Pilates, you can schedule private session in our studio or group sessions online or at your facility. We can use just a mat, small apparatus or the complete system of original Pilates equipment.


improves range of motion
increases lung capacity and control
builds better alignment
deepens mind/body connection
increases flexibility
reduces injuries
speeds recovery time

Authentic Method Pilates instructor with Athlete student

Authentic Pilates is a pre-habilitative exercise system that helps athletes reduce the incidents of injury, as well as a rehabilitative program that works in tandem with PT and brings athletes back to their game faster.

Authentic Pilates works on the weaknesses and the smaller muscles to balance the function of the body which in turn improves athletic performance. It is a complete system that takes into account all the muscles, tissues and energy channels in the body.

It builds the core strength that supports all types of movement to prevent injuries and increase stamina.

It improves both mental and physical toughness.

It helps with control of the body. Creates better balance. Builds a better control of the breath and movement.

The precision of movement in Pilates enhances focus and connection with the mind and the body. When athletes are connected in the mind and body, any sport is performed at a higher level.

Pilates can help improve overall health and wellness and team spirit.