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The mission of Authentic Method Pilates is to help you
feel better, look better, play better and live the best life possible.


Joseph Pilates​

The Pilates Method, originally called Contrology,
was created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates and his
wife Clara Zeuner Pilates. The Authentic Pilates
Method (that we teach here at Authentic Method Pilates) works the
body and mind together to build optimal health
and wellness. It is a system, a whole program,
that is both rehabilitative and performance

Contrology (Pilates Method) is taught in
hierarchical steps. As the body develops strength
and the ability to execute more complex
movements, the body performs more complex and
difficult exercises. Authentic Pilates begins with
connecting the mind and body, building stability
in the body, and then it progresses to strenuous
exercises. For that reason, physical therapists
often employ Pilates in their practices. And
doctors recommend Pilates for their patients
because it is safe and effective.

Authentic Pilates builds mobility, flexibility, strength and most importantly control.


Upon the death of Jospeh Pilates in 1967, Romana Krysanowska was chosen to be
successor and keeper of the pure Method. Romana’s mission was to pass Joe’s work to
the world. She did it successfully with her contagious charisma and amazing energy.
Romana trained hundreds of students and teachers in her lifetime. Because of Romana,
Pilates is now known around the world.

Romana, with her deep love and commitment
to Pilates Method, passed the body of work to
Sari Mejia Santo (her daughter) and Inelia
Garcia to continue to teach new teachers the
Method in its entirety. These two women have
also dedicated their lives to training new
teachers in the original method, and passing
what Romana taught them to the next

At Authentic Method Pilates, we study,
and are certified, in both
Romana’s Pilates and Authentic Pilates Inelia

Romana & Garcia



At Authentic Method Pilates, we love to teach our clients and see their bodies transform.
We use the newest technologies to bring the work of Joseph Pilates to our clients, in the best and most comfortable ways possible. We work with doctors and coaches to reconstruct bodies and fix pathologies.
This time tested method is the absolute best conditioning system for the body in this time of computers, AI, and social media. The future is full of positivity with Authentic Pilates.


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Authentic Pilates Method is a mind and body conditioning system. The complete system, how we teach it, is a total body reconstruction process that results in increased circulation, correct posture, balanced muscle strength, increased flexibility and mobility, and a united mind, body and spirit for the best functioning body we each can attain. Most chronic pains are associated with degeneration caused by poor posture and lack of circulation.

Correcting these issues takes an expert teacher and a focused student, but when the body is corrected, many issues simply disappear. By stimulating the brain and connecting the mind and body for natural balance of the psychosomatic relationship in the body, many neurological issues
can be alleviated. The complete system that we teach here at The Authentic Method Pilates is the system that works on the whole body every time you exercise.

Chronic Pain Relief
Increasing Will
Increasing Balance
Increasing Flexibility
Increased Muscle Endurance
Combating Localized Fat
Stress Control
Motor Coordination

Attention Deficit
Weight Loss
Joint Stability
Prenatal / Postnatal
Muscle Strengthening
Improving Posture
Improved Sleep
Edema Reduction