Inelia Garcia Advanced Contrology Program

Our Signature Evaluation Session

Authentic Method Pilates Instructor Vivian assessing a client

Your journey at Authentic Method Pilates begins with the Evaluation Session.

In this session, your instructor will take time to go through your health history, your concerns, your goals and your needs. We spend time getting to know your body and hearing what is important to you. You will bring in any images or reports from your doctor, if you have them, and we will review all of your records. We will analyze your gait, how you walk, the placement of your neck, shoulders, and spine. We will take preliminary photos that are stored in our app, Prospire.

Once we have completed our discussion and review of your health history, we move on to the physical part of the session.

In the movement part of the evaluation session, we introduce you to the concepts and foundations of Pilates. We will show you how to access your lower core muscles (power house) and begin to teach you the initial exercises that will correct the issues that you are working on. You will workout at the correct intensity for your body in this initial session. There will be a lot of information that you will be receiving in your body and mind, but it will be inspiring to you and you will feel energized by the experience.

At the completion of this session we will give you specific home exercises that we feel would be beneficial to your body and we will determine if Pilates is the correct activity to serve you and your needs.

The cost for this session is $250 and it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes.